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I’m Vikram Jha, a 19 year old boy from Mumbai,who is trying to build his own empire.

I was 15 when i got to know that i wanna be an Entrepreneur. That i do not want to work for anyone but me.

Since then i started doing different things. Side hustles to generate an extra side income. I’d also worked for a MLM company, but i was 16 and a half when i first got to know about Digital Marketing.

The idea of earning money using internet blew me off. I was overwhelmed when i did some research on how other people all around the world is making money on internet. And the moment i saw some of Gary Vaynerchuk‘s interview. I decided, this is what i wanna do.

I started with freelancing, started to write for other people on fiverr. A 17 year old Vikram Jha started making 10 to 15$ a month .That is when i believed that one can really make money online

Genuinely speaking, the day i got to know about earning online, i wanted to start a blog. But i didn’t had any money then, so i was trying different methods of earning online.

A 17 year old me wanted more, so when my GIG on fiverr wasn’t getting any orders i jumped into affiliate marketing. I wanted to explore internet more.

The best decision i made till day was to start affiliate marketing. I started making good money, but that’s not the only thing.

I learned many more things doing affiliate marketing. Today i have 2 websites where i use to promote affiliate products.

And now here is my blog, a place where i will share my experience, teach all of them who want to build there own empire but for some reason they aren’t starting

I still have many things to learn, but putting in the work is the best way one can learn.

Today i’m a boy who is 19 year old, a boy who is pursuing his dream of being a digital marketer one day.

I’m still a digital marketer today, but you know what i’m talking about. A level where everyone wanna be.

Jump into my blogs to know what all i have for you all. Especially, if you are someone who wanna be a digital marketer.

You can contact me here in any other case or suggestions.

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