5 Genuine Ways To Earn Money Online From Home (2019)

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How to earn money online is a very overwhelming topic. You would have heard somewhere, you can earn money online, you researched more, tried doing all that stuff and failed.

Is that ever happened to you ? Don’t worry, it happens to me and other online marketers as well when they started there journey.

Earning money online is an overwhelming topic. You must have searched and found out some ways in which they say, you can make money by doing surveys, filling out captcha’s and all that stuffs which aren’t helpful in the long run.

I’m not telling you that these methods won’t pay you. Definitely they will. But 100 to 200 bucks for a very short time. If you are happy with that money go do that.

But i’m not here to tell you all about those topics. I will share some of the most reliable ways to make money online.

Today i am going to tell you about the 5 most genuine and professional ways you can earn money online. It will not consist of those irrelevant, make money quick tips.

These are the real genuine ways how other professionals are making money out there.

If done properly, these ways can help make a full-time living working online.

I know some of those people, who are earning 200 $ to 2000 $ every month doing this. And if they can you can.

Internet is growing rapidly these years, and is expected to grow more in the coming years. This opens an opportunity to the many of the people like us to grab this opportunity, market our skills and generate money which can make us happy.

Internet users - 5 ways to earn money
% of internet users - 5 ways to earn money
% of-world-using-internet

So as shown in the graphs above, you would have got an idea that internet is only growing every year. Which opens an opportunity for millions of people like us to start a business on the internet and earn money online.

So below are the 5 ways you should be using to earn money online in a long run.

5 Ways To Earn Money Online

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2. Freelancing

3. Affiliate Marketing

4. Drop shipping

5. Youtube

Blogging is my most favourite way i am telling you about.

If you are a kind of a person who loves writing, then Blogging is for you.

Blogging means having a website on which you write about topics you know or you are interested about. So that other people are getting value or learning from what you have written.

You can monetize your website once you have a big audience coming to read your blog.

There are over 2 million blogs written every day. Yes you read it correct 2 Million. What do you think why is that number so big. Because people are getting their desired results there.

People all around the world, blogs on daily basis. All you need to do is find what you are passionate about, and share it with the world in the written forms using your website. And then monetize it.

Bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean the author of Backlinko are doing this for years now. And they are earning more than the graduates out there working for the corporates 9 to 5 .

Patt Flynn the author of the website called Smartpassive.com also shares his earning stats with his viewers on his website.

All you got to do is educate yourself how they do it, and how by doing all that even you can do this.

I did it the same way, and today i am getting results .

Start it with making a website. Not to worry if you don’t have money to buy a domain. Start with the platforms like Blogger, they provide you with a website free of cost.

The only problem with it is it will be hard for you to rank those websites. As the domain you get will be with a sub-domain as it is free. Which will look like this – WWW.YOURDOMAIN.BLOGSPOT.COM . And subdomain makes a website hard to rank on google.

If you have money then you can also buy a domain and hosting and start writing articles on it. Start with wordpress then.

After you post some good articles make sure that you monetize your site with the Google Adsense program. Adsense help you monetize your website by putting Ads on your blogs. And the moment a reader comes to your blog and clicks the Ad, you will get paid.

Getting Ads is not that easy, there should be a good contents on your website. Adsense is one of the way you can earn money through your blog. There are many other ways as well you can do it.

Research more and more and master all the essentials you need to become a master blogger.

If you are interested in blogging and want to educate more deeply about this topic. You can check my post about “How To Start A blog” .

I had taught how you can start a blog here. From making a blog to monetizing it, you will find all the information you need to start your blogging journey in this article.

Freelancing is a kind of a work where you get paid to do work for other people.

You can work for any field you are good at. What you do is you make a GIG of yours, show casing what you are good at and fix a price on that.

If anyone likes your work/GIG, they will contact you to get there work done for which they will pay you as you demand.

Fiverr GIG - 5 ways to earn money

No matter what you are good at. Whether it is photography, Graphic designing, Content writing or any other thing. You can make your GIG and start working and people will pay you.

The categories marked under the red box in the below images are the categories your task can be under.

If you hover your cursor above any category, there will be so many sub-categories you will be able to see.

Works on fiverr - 5 ways to earn money

So many people are working as a freelancer and earning hell lot of money every month. I myself made my first penny on internet being a freelance writer.

Find what you are good at and start working as a freelancer.

Freelancing is one of the best way to earn money online if you don’t have any money to start with.

You can make some money as a freelancer and use that money to start you business or say your blog.

Most of you right now must be thinking, you don’t have any skill. No problem pal. You can start learning something like Graphic designing or SEO and then start freelancing.

Always remember first Learn if you have to Earn. It’s never too late to start.

How To Start ?

There are so many platforms which provide freelancers to make there GIG and promote it. But being new to the freelancing world can be overwhelming if you are looking for a perfect platform to start with.

There are many platforms you can choose from. But some of my favourites are Fiverr, Upwork and freelancer.in.

If you are starting new and never been into this then, you should go with Fiverr. Fiverr is the best place you can make money freelancing. It is so user friendly and not complicated like all other platforms.

Fiverr - 5 ways to earn money

You can start with signing up for Fiverr, and then make a GIG. You can charge from 5$ to how much ever you want. If you got some crazy skills in what you do, people will pay as much as you ask for.

You can also make multiple GIGs if you are good at more than one skill.

Obviously you will not get customers when you first start, as your profile will be new and with zero orders history. But don’t feel sad and step back. You will start getting orders slowly.

You can also promote your gigs with your friends and on social media to get more orders. This way your GIG will get more exposure. People will get to know about your work, and if you are good at what you do, you will keep getting more orders.

One of the way to promote your gig is by using linkedin. As people using linkedins are professional and are there to get there work done.

You can also use search.twitter.com to find who all are talking about your topic.

Twitter search - 5 ways to earn money

If you want a full tutorial how to earn money from fiverr then click here.

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up for a particular program, and promote their product online (No matter what’s your way of promoting is).

You promote a link for their product and when someone buy that product clicking on your link, you get paid commissions for promoting their product.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding career you can choose to earn money online. Many people all around the world are earning a living doing affiliate marketing. People are making over 1000$ / Week doing affiliate marketing.

You just have to be a good marketer and know how to promote products. So that people who see your promotions buy it.

The best part about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to have your own products. Or you don’t have to have your inventory. Because the products you will be promoting will be of some other vendors. They will pay you to help them get sales for there product.

You can also start doing affiliate marketing with no money. You can sign up for a program and promote their product link on social medias or with your social circle.

Though professional marketers promote affiliate products using Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Which costs money to do.

Paid advertisements work better as you can target your audience. Targeting audience means promoting your stuffs to the people who actually need or are interested in it.

That’s why paid promotions have better ROI (Return on investment) . This doesn’t means you cannot earn without money.

You can also promote these affiliate offers on your website. Remember what i mentioned above in the Blogging section ? Making a blog for free.

Make a blog and promote affiliate offers there on your website. Keep the product which you are promoting related to the topic you talk about on your blog.

This makes affiliate marketing one of the best ways you can make money online. As you don’t need to have your own product, no need to have inventories, start for free, and can make lots of money if done properly.

Note that being an Affiliate Marketer is a hard thing. As No Random Person on the Internet is going to buy a stuff from you as they have never ever heard about you before.

Therefore, promoting stuffs are easier for social media influencers than normal people. As more people know them and trust them. Big brands also consider people who have a big audience. And let them promote their products.

You gotta be good salesperson if you need to sell products on internet. And winning people’s trust is probably the hardest thing for a digital marketer.

What do you think AFFILIATE MARKETING has this “marketing” word in it for ?.

Types of product to sell

There are basically 2 types of product you can sell on the internet as an affiliate marketer.

  • Physical Product
  • Digital Product

1. Physical Products

Physical products are the one you can touch or feel. It is tangible products. These are the kind of the products you use in your daily life. Like Mobile Phones, Bluetooth speakers, Chargers etc etc.

These products are easy to sell as the money people spend on it, they will get it in their hand at the end of the day.

You can sell these products by signing up for the programs like Amazon Affiliate. Amazon affiliate program is one of the worlds best product refferal programs.

Amazon provides on an average 12 % commissions on a product. Though the commission rate differs product to product.

2. Digital Products

Digital Products are the one which are not Tangible. You can’t touch it or feel it like the physical products. More then a product these are services which you promote.

Products like online courses, Ebooks, Recipe books are some example of the digital products.

Digital products are harder to sell compared to the physical products. As the end result what the buyer will be getting is by learning something. They aren’t getting something in there hands.

So building people’s trust is harder when it comes to selling digital products.

But the best part of selling digital products are, the commission rates are much more than physical products. So if you master the skill of selling, you will be earning hell lots of money.

Some of the best platforms to sell digital products are Clickbank and JVzoo.

So when it comes to earning money online, you can think of starting an affiliate marketing journey.

If you want to know more about Affiliate marketing then you must read my blog on “Affiliate Marketing for beginners: The ultimate Guide“. I
have covered everything a beginners need to know about affiliate marketing.

As the numbers of users on the internet is growing rapidly day by day, people using internet,started doing almost all their works on the internet. People want things in their hands always and that is what internet is doing in this world. Making things simple and easy.

This also includes the buying and selling things online at a very large scale. People started buying almost everything on internet these days. And the number of the buyers are growing over the years.

As the number of buyers are growing, it creates an opportunity for the people who tries to earn money online. If there is a buyer there must be someone to sell it as well.

This is where Drop Shipping comes. Drop shipping is a method where you make an E- commerce website and list the products of the vendors you wanna sell of on your website.

The only thing you as a drop shipper do is list the products on your E – commerce website and sell it. The remaining process of delivery and fulfillment is done by the vendors who actually owns the products.

The image below shows how it is done.

Dropship Model - 5 ways to earn money online

How it’s done

First of all what you need is an E – Commerce Website where you will list/sell the products.

Start with buying a perfect domain name. A domain name which suits your niche.

So many platforms provide a place to host an e – commerce website. But one of the most trusted one is Shopify. With the help of shopify you can make a website like Amazon and list your products to sell .

Once you are done making a website the 2nd step is to find the products you will be selling.

To do so find a wholesale e commerce website. Like Aliexpress.com. Find a product, copy the images and the descriptions. And set a specific price tag to it.

This is where you earn profit. If the product is for 3$, you sell it for 8$ ‘s on your website. And once you get an order. You order it on aliexpress for 3$ and provide them the delivery address of the person bought from you. This way you bought the product for 3$ and sold it to your buyer for 8$, which brings you the profit of total 5$’s.

Imagine if not much, you are getting 20 orders like this every month. You will be earning 100$ per month. I know this isn’t much for you, but for the start, what else you want.

People are earning 10000$ to 100000$ every month drop shipping. You don’t even need to have an inventory, not your own product, just a website and a mindset to sell.

The given graph below shows the growth of E-commerce over the years.

E- commerce growth - 5 ways to earn money online

Who don’t know about Youtube. the number of users on Youtube is rapidly increasing day by day.

Youtube is one of the best and reliable ways to earn money online. When it comes to making audience or making brands, Youtube is the best platform. Because people engage more with videos than the written form (Blogging). This helps Youtubers build trust with their audience.

Go make your own channel on youtube and start putting out content. If the people watching your videos love your content, you will definitely grow rapidly.

The primary way for monetizing a Youtube channel is also the same as blogging- Google Adsense. Though the youtubers also generate income through advertising different brands on their channel. People making videos these days are making money, no one would have never imagine.

All you need to start making money through this platform is by making videos.

Start off by recording a video on a topic you really like doing. It could be a Vlog, Vine or any other thing.

You can also review products on your channel and then drop an affiliate link to that product in your description.

This way if anyone watches your video and buy that product from your link, you would be earning through Google Adsense and by affiliate marketing both at the same time.

This is how every other person out there on the internet is working and so should you.

Doesn’t matter if you have a good quality camera or a bad one. Remember this one thing, you as an internet marketer will always rock, if the quality of your “Content” is good.

People always care about the quality of your content, that’s what they need. You will keep rocking unless your video provide value.

Though on youtube it isn’t like you make a youtube channel today and start earning the next day. Nahh!, it’s never going to happen. You have to have patience and keep working.

There are also some eligibility criteria in order to monetize your youtube channel. You must check those all before starting your journey.

I would have mention bout the criteria’s but it’s keep changing time to time. You can check by yourself. All you need to do is google it.

This was it. This is how most of the people out there on internet is making money. Obviously there are more, but these are some genuine and reliable ways.

Note: Starting off by making money is not an easy task. To earn money online, i will tell you that it is also probably harder than working 9 to 5 when you start. The start is when the most of quit. Patience is the key.

You have to figure out which suits you best and then start your work.

So these were mine “The 5 Best” ways “how to earn money online”.

Comment down below which one is your favourite. And also comment down if i forget to mention yours. I am open to any suggestions.

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