Affiliate Marketing For Beginners : The Ultimate Guide 2019

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As a newbie, you don’t know where to start. This affiliate marketing world is quite overwhelming with so much of information on the web. So in this guide of ” Affiliate Marketing For Beginners,” I have tried to cover everything a beginner needs to know when they start affiliate marketing.

Quick Facts: Over $4.7 billion was spent by U.S retailers on affiliate marketing in 2016. (source:

Affiliate marketing is really a big platform when it comes to making money online. If you are planning to be a digital marketer in future you will definitely need to read this article.

Affiliate Marketing is a vast field to learn and master about. In this blog of “Affiliate Marketing For Beginners “, you will be learning everything you need to know as a beginner . And also how you can make your first sale out of.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners:

Below are the subtopics I will be covering, you can jump straight to the next point if you already know any and don’t want to waste time reading the same thing.

In easy words, affiliate marketing is when a person makes money by promoting or selling other people’s products.

You simply find a product and promote through any of your channels, and when someone buy’s the product through you, you make a commission.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Not only products but also services. Services from which the consumer will learn or which will help them in any term. For example, an online course which teaches about “How to learn German language ?”

So many people around the world literally buy these kinds of products or services. And also, so many marketers make their full-time income promoting these services. Services that aren’t even their.

So there are like thousands of companies which provide Affiliate programs. The thing you need to do is sign up for one of the affiliate programs, and promote their products from any of your channels.

Usually, once you sign up, you will get a dashboard for your account, through which you will operate your affiliate account.

After that, basically you need to choose a product / service of that company you want to sell, and to promote that you will get a link of that product. It is known as the affiliate link.

You need to promote that link through any platform, like: Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Youtube. Any channel you think you can sell on.

Once anyone clicks on your affiliate link and buys that product through your link, you’ll get the commission. All you need to do is promote that affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing cycle

(NOTE : The commissions you will get, depends totally on the company or which product your promoting links for).

So now that you know how affiliate marketing works, it’s time to start your journey in it and make some real money.

So before you start, understand this. There are two types of products you can promote and earn money through. Understanding about these two is really very important if you are starting new. Because these will be the things you will be promoting.

I have also mentioned about this in one of my previous blogs (How to Earn Money Online). If you haven’t read it yet then you can.

So the type of products are,

let’s get into both of the categories one by one.

If you already know about this, you can jump right on the main part of this topic.

Types of product to sell

Physical products are the one which you can touch and feel. Basically these are tangible products. We use these kinds of products in our day to day life.

Some of the best examples of physical products are mobile phones, speakers, shoes, books and all that kinds of thing.

Affiliate marketing Physical products

You can sign up for E-commerce giants like Amazon or E bay if you want to sell these products. If you are starting new then you should go for Amazon, as it is one of the biggest affiliate networks in the world.

If you do affiliate marketing for amazon then the commissions you’ll get on it’s affiliate is on average 12%. Yeah it is low but, there is also a good thing about Amazon.

When someone clicks on your affiliate link and land on, even if they buy anything else than what the product link was for, you will get the commission.

Digital products are the products that you can’t touch or feel. Basically, they are intangible.

You can also say that, more than a product these are the services. Services that vendors provide to there customers. These services could be anything which provides value or teach their customers about something.

Some of the best examples of digital products are E-books, Recipe books, Online courses and all that kind of stuff.

Affiliate marketing Digital products

The best part about digital products are the commission rates for them are way higher if compare to the physical products. It could go from 15% to even 70 – 75% commissions.

But also, to promote digital products is way harder than promoting physical products. So if you want to generate money through digital products, you must be a good salesman. You better know how to sell.

These are the products that the top marketers promote.

Some of the best platforms which provide affiliate programs for digital products are Clickbank and Jvzoo. There are many more, but these are the giants right now.

What you should be selling ?

So as this is an article for the beginners, I’m expecting you are new to affiliate marketing.

If you are starting new, my suggestion for you will be to start by selling physical products.

The reason behind this is, you will be selling this on the internet. And when you start new on the internet and no one knows you, it’s hard to build trust with your audience.

No one is going to buy anything from you until you build trust with them. It is an important factor in selling anything.

And people will be trusting you more when you sell physical products. And one more reason is selling digital products are hard, it will really devastating for you as a newbie.

So now as you know which products you have to sell let’s dive right into the step by step process of making money through affiliate marketing.

So to start with affiliate marketing you need to join an affiliate program. As we have discussed this before, I am assuming that you are promoting a physical product.

So as aforementioned, we will be doing affiliate marketing for Amazon. For that, you will have to join the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon is worlds one of the best affiliate programs.

Joining Affiliate Network

So to join Amazon affiliate sign into your amazon’s account and scroll down at the bottom of the page. You will see an option under “Make money with us” which says “Become an Affiliate

Join amazon affiliate program

Click on it.

Log in to your Amazon accounts or make one if you don’t have it yet.

Fill out the information form page which will look like this..

Amazon affiliate sign up form

After you fill out all the necessary information, you will get your Affiliate dashboard. This will be where you are going to operate your Amazon affiliate account.

Dashboard for amazon affiliate

Once this is done, the next step is to make an affiliate link for any product which you will be promoting. To do so, Go to your Amazon account and search for any product you want to sell.

For Example here I am searching for Apple airpods 2.

From the results select the product you want to promote and copy the name of it.

Come back to your amazon affiliate account and paste it in the search box here.

Click on GO!

Results will appear…

Among the results find your product and hit the arrow with the Get Link button on the right side of your screen.

Promoting product link for affiliate marketing

Once you do that, a link box will appear. Copy that link.

This will be the link you will be promoting. If anyone clicks on this link and buys anything from the amazon through it you will get paid…

Next Step

So the first thing after joining an affiliate program is you will need a channel on which you will going to promote your affiliate products link on.

You all must have already had your social media accounts, on which you all can promote those links but I won’t recommend you to do it only there.

There is a way to use social media for affiliate marketing, you can’t suddenly post about a shoe and expect someone to buy it through your link. That’s for sure is not going to happen.

By “Channel” i mean something like Youtube, a Blog or a Podcast on which you can literally talk or review about the dedicated product you want to promote.

How to do that ?, Let’s check out…

Start a Youtube Channel

Creating a Youtube channel is totally free. So to start a Youtube channel, click on this link.

Once you click on that link, you will be redirected to this page. Click on “Create a new channel” option.

After that, it will ask you to name your youtube channel. Name it according to your preference.

You must name your channel something related to the product you are selling. For example:- if you are promoting a shoe brand, then you can name something like: “Shoe off” or “Shoe reviewers”. Anything like that.

So once you are done with making a youtube channel, you have to make a video reviewing that product. And leave an amazon affiliate link in the video description box.

If anyone clicks on that link and buys any product from amazon in under 24 hrs you will get paid.

Now if you don’t have money to buy that product yourself and review it on your channel, don’t worry. There is a way which is completely free to start and it is Blogging.

You can create a website for free and review affiliate products there for free. You don’t even need to buy that product, you can simply do it with some images of the products. And the link OFF COURSE.

How To Start A Blog For Free

So before we start to make a free blog. There is something you need to understand about free blogs.

  • It consists of a sub domain. For e.g:- Your website URL will look like this.
  • Fewer features than the paid ones
  • No support. It’s all on you.

So, if you can spend some money, I will suggest you to do so. You can read one of my blog How To Start A Blog Today – Easy Guide For Beginners to start a blog.

But you can also do the same with the free blog, all you need to do is put in some real work.

There are many platforms that provide free blog, but we’ll go with Blogger today.

Let’s start.

1 : Go to google and search for Blogger. Click on the first link or click here.

2 : Click on “Create a Blog”

3 : Choose a domain name that is available.

4 : Select a theme you like.

you can change it anytime from the settings option.

So that you are done with these, click on “create blog” to continue.

You will be redirected to your blogging dashboard. This is where you will be writing and publishing your new posts.

First click on the “Pages” to create pages like Home, About us, Contact us, etc. These pages are important for any website.

Once you make all that, it’s time to write about the product you are promoting.

To write a new post click on the “Posts” and then click on “New posts”. This is where you will write your review on the product (The Article). Leave your affiliate link in the blog and if anyone clicks on it you will get the commission.

You can customize anything on this according to your preferences.

Product Research

Product research is really an important part when it comes to succeed in affiliate marketing. You cannot sell something which no one is interested in.

The first thing you need to do is go and find out what all is everyone buying. You can do it by checking the number of reviews on that order the product is getting.

If the product is having good reviews and the number of orders is really high this means this is something you can promote.

My suggestion for you will be searching for something which has a high demand in the market but not many on the marketers are promoting.

Affiliate marketing product research

Finding this kind of product is really hard, but you can promote and make money with these kinds of products for a really long time.

If you want to do affiliate marketing for the rest of your life and you have made your mind to pursue it, you should be promoting something in which, you are really good at.

For example, if you are a musician then you should promote products related to that field, like Guitars, drumsticks and that kind of product.

This way you will not get out of topic and can promote products for a really long time.

Think of how would it feel when you have a channel (Blog or Youtube channel). In which you are creating content quite consistently. Your content quality is good, you are promoting products but no one is buying them.

The reason could be that you might not be reaching your potential customers. The ones who will buy through your affiliate links. That is where promoting your content jumps in.

No matter how good your content is, you would not reach to the number of audience you should be reaching until your promotion is good. You need to put your content in front of the eyes of people who really need it.

No matter how big or of what quality your affiliate product is, it will be of no use if no one sees it. You need to start bringing traffic to your channels.

How to promote

Now there is hell number of ways by which you can promote your content on the web. To understand more clearly, let’s categorize them into two:

  • Paid Promotions
  • Free promotions

Paid Promotions : Paid promotions are the one in which you will pay money to a particular advertiser to advertise your content on the web. Like Google Ads, Facebook Ads and many more.

Google Adsense for affiliate marketing
Facebook Ads for affiliate marketing

The advantage of using these platforms are, it makes your content easy to find on the web and also helps you rank above other contents in the search results.

The chances of conversion (people buying your product) increase in paid promotions as you can target your audience, and put your content in front of the potential customers.

Free Promotions: To do this all you need is knowledge about multiple patforms on the web, consistency and little bit of dedications. Though the time taken for the expected results in free promotions is more but you can still get the same results as from the paid promotions.

You can promote your blog or youtube videos on social media like the Facebook page, Instagram, Medium and others.

You can also post your content on forums like Quora or Reddit.

The best way you can promote your content for free is by SEO. By doing seo you will rank higher in your search results, which then will bring you more traffic.

Seo for affiliate marketing

If you want to increase the traffic of your blog, and you want to learn more about SEO, then there is an article from Neil Patel on Seo Guide. I will recommend you read it.

Both of the ways mentioned above works, you just need to master some skills before getting any desired results.

Creating Your Own Products

Promoting others product through your channel is not the only way you can make money in affiliate marketing. You can also do this by making your own products.

Yes you read it right, after you got some experience, you can also make your own products and sell. You can sell it on your own or you can also list it on other affiliate platforms to let other affiliate marketer promote it.

So making your own product and sell it is not an easy option, but the pride you feel once someone buy it may make your work worth.

You need to make something which will provide value to your customers. which will develop trust in them so that they will keep buying from you whenever you sell anything.

You don’t need to make a product for the sake of selling and making money. this may work once or twice but not in the long run. Therefore, you should only work towards something you have knowledge about.

Some of the products you can make and sell are online courses, E books and even physical products. You can sell it on your own website or Youtube channel or you can also list it on Clickbank, Jvzoo (If they are digital products) or on Amazon (if it is physical product or Ebook).

Why People Buy

One more thing that you need to know is “Why will anyone buy from you ?” Why should anyone trust a random marketer on the web ?

You need to understand the psychology behind this. If you master this you will do great as an affiliate marketer.

Someone buy something because they need to fulfill their emotional needs. A purchase which satisfy them. Or they are buying something because they are in a problem and are looking for a solution for it.

If your product or your way of selling satisfy their emotional needs or help them with their problem, they will buy it from you.

And to make a customer return to you, you need to make them start buying from you. And to make them buy for the first time you need to develop trust in your audience through your content.

The psychology behind the reason why people buy affiliate marketing products

The quality of your content should be so good that it develops a trust factor in your audience’s mind which will make them return to you. All the great marketers know this apply this in their business.

If you want to know how to become a great marketer and how to sell whatever you want to, then i would recommend you guys to read this book by Seth Godin named This is Marketing. Seth Godin has taught hundreds of entrepreneurs about marketing, sales, and advertising. This book will definitely help you with sales.

Affiliate marketing for beginners can be hard for some days. But as you maintain the consistency you will see the results. It happened with me, it will happen to you as well.

Why Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing has only grown in the last 5 years. Every digital marketer is shifting towards it if compare to other advertising networks as the years passing. No matter which platform they work on, their Blog, Youtube or Podcast

According to 2014 stats, affiliate marketing is the second most popular advertising network after Google Adsense. It worth over $12 Billion.

Best advertising networks for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a better advertising option than any other platform. 15 to 20% of the total digital marketing revenue is attributed to affiliate marketing. It also generates 15 to 30% of the sales for advertisers.

[source: ].

One of the major reasons to prefer affiliate marketing is that it draws more profit than any other advertising networks. 35% of the affiliates earn over $20000. And the reason for 65% of them not in that number is, most of them who start quits in the early stage when they see the results.

Affiliate marketing can be a time-consuming thing to get master into, you need to have level patience to succeed in this. Don’t quit it just because you see other people getting results in it faster than you.

This was the ultimate guide when it comes to ” Affiliate Marketing For Beginners “. And don’t you be overwhelmed when you make your first sale, you have a lot more to go.

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